The Token – Mastered by Passion


The layer of panic had never cloaked their village so darkly.

The patriarchs of both the Habu and Batata clan met with their sons and topmost officials. “The news of the raids have spread wide. The next settlement to be struck seems to be the Wambe village. They have sent for help. We have to heed their call.”

The consent around the room was unanimous. But then Ikaka Habu turned to his old comrade Banjo Batata. “My friend, this is not your concern and we can’t ask you to risk your safety in this way. As the king has directed, my sons and I will join with the best warriors and help with these raids and kidnappings. You should return to the Western lands and let them know of this just in case the trouble spreads.”

Banjo was shaking his head. “You dishonor me if you believe I would turn my back when I can be of help. I will send for more fighters from our homelands while I join in ridding our lands of this scourge from the foreign attackers.”

There was much back and forth, till Banjo finally agreed it would be prudent to return to their western kingdom and warn of the strange raids. In addition, he promised to return with a sizable army to help with the cause.

Preparations for the Batata’s departure began, as well as readiness for the Habu’s to join their fellow warriors to head for the nearby villages to face the intruders, before the threat reached their own lands.

“We will leave many warriors to guard our homestead while we are gone, so you need not worry,” Ikaka was saying to his young wife some time later as they met in her quarters.

Saleya felt relieved at such reassurance. Knowing that the grown men of the family would be leaving for battle soon had unsettled her somewhat. Much as she was glad that the Batata’s were at last ending their visit, she still worried about the latest news.

“I’m more concerned about you, going out to battle at such short notice,” she whispered, turning to her husband with a wavering smile.

“Don’t be, dear wife,” Ikaka said, gathering her curvy, petite frame into his muscular arms. “I will have my able sons with me. And we’ll be back before you know it. We must let these intruders see that we will cower beneath them. We will fight to protect our own.” (more…)

TBA – Mode of Exchange

Every woman needs a man who can make her feel like sixteen again…

Jo couldn’t believe she was even considering it. She had to be crazy.

But the minute she’d walked out of the lift and seen Jetta standing there, the wildest idea suddenly struck her.

She knew she should be kicking herself for even thinking it, and yet…

Well, for one thing, he was great looking, and dressed well. Clothes just seemed to hang so well on his tall, well-built frame. He oozed masculinity so effortlessly, and stood out easily from any other guy in the room. She was convinced: Jetta Freeman was 100% hunk material. Not that she knew so much about such stuff. She hadn’t been in a proper relationship in years – and she wasn’t sure she even knew how “dating” went these days. But then, she had no time now to “date” anyone, had she? She needed to get married, pronto. And it was about time she found her first likely candidate… (more…)

From the Heart – “The Proposition”

He had a dangerous proposition…

“You seem…uneasy, Miss Daniels,” he was saying, his aristocratic, timbered voice tinged with concern. “Is everything alright?”

Feyi nodded hastily, gathering up as much composure as she could after such a rude shock. She could barely meet his penetrating gaze, and forced herself to say as normally as she could, “Yes, I..I’m fine. I was just, well, expecting someone…a bit older,” she finished somewhat lamely, though it was the truth, in a way. Lanre Vaughn seemed quite young for a bank vice chairman.

With each second that passed, she fully expected him to suddenly point an accusing finger of recognition at her, and then the game would be up. But nothing happened. So far…

“Well, I’m sorry you’re disappointed,” he said with a faintly humorous smile, and Feyi tried to convince herself it was all genuine. No one was that good an actor, she figured. She hoped not anyway. (more…)

Life Goes On

african womanNo one would call her “hard” though, to see her now. In tatters, her eyes red from crying as she sat huddled in her favourite chair, waiting for Nonso to arrive. She sorely regretted allowing him to come over, wasn’t sure she needed his company after all. The last several months played through her mind, and it all seemed too incredible. She’d been chosen to handle the MetroGold deal alongside Kade; this partnership had gained her more pay and prestige at AdSolute.

It had all been smooth sailing, professionally and personally. With Kade’s help, they’d gained ground, and it had been all in the bag. But then Nonso burst into the scene – and within weeks, she’d lost Kade, and with him, her hold on the deal of her career. She felt like a kid again, crying because she’d failed. And she never failed, absolutely hated to lose at anything.

I hope you’re happy now, Kade, where ever you are, she thought bitterly. (more…)