Life Goes On

african womanNo one would call her “hard” though, to see her now. In tatters, her eyes red from crying as she sat huddled in her favourite chair, waiting for Nonso to arrive. She sorely regretted allowing him to come over, wasn’t sure she needed his company after all. The last several months played through her mind, and it all seemed too incredible. She’d been chosen to handle the MetroGold deal alongside Kade; this partnership had gained her more pay and prestige at AdSolute.

It had all been smooth sailing, professionally and personally. With Kade’s help, they’d gained ground, and it had been all in the bag. But then Nonso burst into the scene – and within weeks, she’d lost Kade, and with him, her hold on the deal of her career. She felt like a kid again, crying because she’d failed. And she never failed, absolutely hated to lose at anything.

I hope you’re happy now, Kade, where ever you are, she thought bitterly. Continue reading “Life Goes On”