From The Heart-The Man, The Monster

She hated him, but that didn't stop her wanting him... Feyi stared sightlessly into the dark depths of her coffee. Trying to wrap her head around the whirlwind her life had become was a very hard thing to do. Only months ago, her father had died in a plane crash. Then came the daunting prospect … Continue reading From The Heart-The Man, The Monster

Taking Tanya

Tanya had so much going for her. A successful model, she was lucky to have the world at her feet. Beauty, money and fame – she had it all. Only one thing was missing. Someone to share it all with. She wasn’t the romantic type. She wasn’t into fairytale princes or happily ever afters. She … Continue reading Taking Tanya

TBA – Mode of Exchange

Every woman needs a man who can make her feel like sixteen again... Jo couldn't believe she was even considering it. She had to be crazy. But the minute she'd walked out of the lift and seen Jetta standing there, the wildest idea suddenly struck her. She knew she should be kicking herself for even … Continue reading TBA – Mode of Exchange

TBA – She Will II

They weren't really each other's type. Or so it seemed.... Jo lay back against her recliner and sighed with contentment. Next to her was a long, cool glass of her favourite drink. The weather was mild, and through her sunglasses she gazed up at the sky which was a perfect blue and white tapestry. She … Continue reading TBA – She Will II