Flawed – Teaser


Open the window of your heart and let love shine in…

Abae had fought him all the way. Deprived him of the fatherhood of his child for three years. She was still the woman – the one woman, he’d fallen in love with and only one thing remained: to make them a family.

Spending time with his son had been the greatest gift life could give him. But if he could get to win Abae’s trust and love again, that wouldn’t hurt either. In fact it would do him a world of good.

Three months ago he’d walked into the kitchen and confronted Abae about her son’s paternity. And found out the truth that Jonny was his all along. Lucas would never forget how that felt. A mixture of injustice and elation. They’d made something beautiful; something pure and untouched from what Abae was convinced had been wicked and wrong.


Her guilt had almost destroyed them both. He’d walked away because the only way he could stay sane was to never see her again. Not when she could never be his. But almost four years later, fate had made their paths to cross in ways that pointed to only one conclusion: maybe they could try again.

Seeing the pleasure in Jonny’s eyes when Lucas came visiting, was enough to keep Lucas wanting and hoping for more. He’d always loved kids but had never thought of the time he’d have any of his own. Had never imagined he’d settle down since he’d been so sure love and happiness were forever a myth for him.

He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone. Abae was the one for him – he’d known that in his gut from the first time he’d set eyes on her. She’d belonged to someone else – his best friend no less. Did that haunt him every single day? Yes. But second chances and redemption were things he hoped he deserved after so many years of suffering for his brash mistakes. What would it take to make Abae believe the same?

Already, he could feel her defences breaking down. She loved how he was around Jonny. She knew the boy needed a father; needed the love a proper family could give. They had not just themselves to think about now. Jonny deserved a home, and parents who cared for him. So far Lucas had held back with Abae, letting her set the pace. But tonight, he was going to take that bold step on the road to forever….



6 thoughts on “Flawed – Teaser

  1. Wow wow, you’re back with one of my favorite, so you kept your promise. But it was just too short, well just a teaser….. Well done my girl! Hope to have you back in full swing soon… Big warm hugs

    1. I know! Flawed is my absolute fave as well. I’m so sorry for not finishing it since, I lost the ending somewhere and couldn’t find the manuscript 😦 Will continue the story this weekend plus other requested titles. Massive hugs hon!

  2. no offence.but this update is ssoooooo short. I know u said a teaser but at least this is not really justifiable for ur huge promises.(after one week and some days of refreshing for updates. Not cool!)

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