The Token – In Word and Deed

He’d asked her what she wanted, so she told him the truth.

“I want what you want,” she said, voice husky yet sure. She looked up slowly as the words spilled from her lips like honeyed ribbons. “That is what I desire the most; to do all in my power to serve your every command. I want to please you and only you, my lord.”

Ola could see Danga’s eyes darken to black at her soft declaration. She held his gaze without flinching while inside, she quaked at the heated coals of his stare.

“Come here.”

His voice was an alien rasp that sent cold and hot shivers down her smile. Ola didn’t rise to her feet but instead moved ahead on her hands and knees, closing the distance between them while never breaking eye contact. The moment she reached him, he amazed her by how swiftly he moved – lunging forward and grabbing her wrist to tug her unto him.

“Ohh!” Ola exclaimed, shocked to find herself pressed hard on top of him, his hand on the small of her back holding her in place. She squirmed, unable to explain how heat became liquid and coursed like quicksilver through her system. She stared down into his face and was lost within the inky pools of his hooded eyes.

“Don’t move,” he said, and Ola instantly stopped her panicked writhing. The fates save her! Every inch of him felt like burning steel underneath her slighter, softer frame. Unknowingly, her hands had lifted to brace against his broad chest and she wanted to spring away as if stung. Ola didn’t even want to process why his sudden closeness had her breath torn from her.

“Sweet little bird,” Danga said almost thoughtfully, lifting a hand to smooth his fingers down her cheek. “Do you even know what it means to please a man like me.”

“I want to learn.” Ola’s voice was a mere whisper. She watched as his eyes followed the path of his fingers trailing down her throat to skim across her shoulder blades.

Her audacity unnerved her but this was her survival instinct kicking in. Danga was the center of her universe in this moment. Only he could save her. And only he could break her.

He chuckled, a deep rumble in his chest. “You’ve already learned much since the last time we were alone in a room,” he noted with amusement. “You’re no longer afraid of me, for one.”

Wrong, thought Ola. And yet she said, “The only thing I fear is doing something to anger you – or being unable to fulfil your every wish. Once I saw that I was given to you tonight I knew exactly what I needed to do to prove my eagerness to submit completely to you.”

“Hmm,” he said lightly, stroking his fingertips back and forth on her bare arm as his downcast lids hid his inner thoughts. Danga’s casual, almost absent-minded touch ripped a sensuous hole within the base of her stomach and Ola almost couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think.

His next words imprinted on her brain like a branding iron.

“That’s just the thing you first need to understand,” Danga murmured. “No one ‘gives’ me anything. I take what’s mine. And you, Ola, are indeed all mine from tonight. Whoever tries to interfere with that again will not be forgiven. No one toys with my property, not if they want to live.”

Ola was unable to hold back a bone-deep shiver. He looked up to spear her with those compelling black eyes. Crushed to him as she was, with her breast flattened against his chest and an unmistakable evidence of his arousal jutting into the crevice of her trembling thighs, Ola knew she was mere moments from discovering the extent of being claimed by Danga – in word and deed…


4 thoughts on “The Token – In Word and Deed

  1. She’s back! I’m going to die on Saleyas behalf. It’s supposed to be Saleya in the room not Ola!!! Danga and Saleya have to do something,anything very soon.

  2. Yes Tomasina, definitely back! Thanks to everyone and I’ll be posting snippets on snippets every other day to make up for lost time. As for Saleya, I’m glad you’re a fan lol but seriously, his father’s wifey? Ummmm no. But let’s see how it goes because nothing’s set in stone yet!!

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