Saving Sasha – Back on Board!


The story that started it all…delayed but never forgotten! Who’s still with me?

More deets coming soon. Watch this space!


7 thoughts on “Saving Sasha – Back on Board!

      1. Thanks Kemi. I’ve always been around! Just writing other stuff and getting through the whole journey to where we are now!! This time it’s for real…lol I’ll definitely keep you updated. Thanks again babe!

  1. Omg ! Where have you been? I make sure I check like every 3 months to see if you have re-opened your site because It went password protected. I was worried like Kemi. Thought you stopped writing which would have been a shame. So glad you are back ! I miss Danga and Sasha and Lanre Vaughn.
    Are you going to sell digital copies now. Any copy you sell, hard o, digital o, I will buy… glad you’re back 🙂

    1. Omgg thanks Tomasina! I’ve been writing non-stop since the last time the blog was live, just was doing other stuff for other projects. I’ll be getting out my digital titles as fast as I can, and my beloved blog readers (including you of course!) would be the first to know 🙂

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