Saving Sasha, Twisted & No Ordinary Girl – Up, up, up!


Whew! Wasn’t sure how best to break the news but here goes! A lot of titles from Babyrocka are going to be rolling out all through to the end of the year!


Beginning with stories originally started right here on this blog (Such as Saving Sasha, No ordinary Girl and Twisted) followed by big favorites sampled over the years – such as From the Heart, Flawed, The Barter Affair and so much more!



I’m still speechless so this will be a short post! Just trying to get a hang of the publishing and promotions stuff, but for now, I’m just having fun seeing my work on Amazon! Yaayyy me!

And thanks to you all too for the support and kind words. I’d love to share the joys and yes, trials with you on this new journey and I hope y’all stick around to see the outcome! Let’s make this happen!


“No Ordinary Girl” is still being compiled, so watch this space! I love making the covers and just learning the ropes as an author, designer and publisher. Hopefully I stay on track and give this my best shot! It’s waaay overdue!!

More info on upcoming and published books here!!


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