Two Can Play: Introducing First Interracial BWWM Romance!

Hello everyone!

First off, big up to Malaika! Thanks for buying my books!

Also, thank you Kemi for leaving candid reviews on some of my titles. I hope everyone gets to take a look at the published works soon. Sometimes I pinch myself just to make sure it’s not just a dream…

Remember Saving Sasha, Twisted and No Ordinary Girl? These stories were born right here on Babyrocka! And now they are L I V E on Amazon! To find these and other future titles, visit here!!

Introducing Two Can Play BWWM Romance Novel

I’m so happy to announce the release of Two Can Play BWWM Romance! It’s a new story, never before seen on the blog and in fact, written just a couple of months ago. I’ve been ghost-writing interracial BWWM for at least four years and it’s awesome to finally get one out on my own.

It’s not your typical boss-and-personal-assistant story. They fall for each other without even realizing it and even with the presumed divide, encompassing color, race and background, you just can’t fight the feeling, can you?

In Two Can Play you’ll meet DAREK WOLF, consumate playboy and LAUREN BELLO, conventional and somewhat naive and strong willed beauty. He’s white, she’s black but when the sparks alight and the tension builds, who’s to say what can happen?


I love this cover! I just feel like it goes with the who ‘playful’ aura that the title speaks of and the added flower in her hair gives a gorgeous ‘aloha’ spirit that you’ll understand when you read the story till the end!

Darek is the kind of billionaire CEO who isn’t used to the word ‘no’. He wants it, he gets it and he wants Lauren…

She’s witnessed his philandering ways first hand, but when Lauren is a target for his thrilling seduction, just how fa
r can she resist when secretly, she’s dreamed of his passionate touch?

Discover what happens when opposites attract! The sexy billionaire boss and his alluring black assistant will smoke up the pages and have you breaking a sweat so don’t forget some ice cubes!

To view Two Can Play on Amazon click here!



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