Great Reads

These are the great titles you will find on this site, complete love stories just bursting with drama and hot, steamy romance!

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Saving Sasha

Sasha was a walking time bomb waiting to explode. She lived and loved recklessly – and never cared who got hurt – so long as it wasn’t her.

When Kade met the beautiful, cool and inaccessible Sasha Pierce, he fell hopelessly, and knew in his heart that he could reach her and save her from herself.

But then she callously broke his heart and went back to the same man who had hurt her and destroyed her soul. How could Kade ever forgive her for that?

And yet, he had to remember his promise: that he would save Sasha, no matter what….

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Lima Shakur was a woman who knew what she wanted. And when she found herself attracted to her dashing co-worker Niq Tobi, it didn’t take her long to come to a decision. They would be lovers – but there would be no love involved. That was not a word she believed in anymore.

Niq Tobi felt prepared to play Lima’s twisted game – at least, in the beginning. But soon he realized his feelings for her demanded a lot more than what she was offering: sex with no strings attached. He knew that soon, he would have to take a stand, even if it meant losing her altogether. . . .

6 thoughts on “Great Reads

  1. hello marya, i’m a new visitor to your blog and i tried following your serial saving sasha but i couldn’t really follow it as i couldn’t find a link to the beginning of the story to start reading. also with your other stories as well, couldn’t really follow anyone as there are no links to the beginning of the stories.

  2. Hello Kemi! And welcome to my blog! I always love to see new readers. I will organise the stories soon, for now to find older posts, please see bottom right hand corner of the site (Archives). “Saving Sasha” began in 2009 so do check the archives for that period.

    Feel free to leave a comment/likes/feedback.


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