Saving Sasha – Back on Board!

The story that started it all...delayed but never forgotten! Who's still with me? More deets coming soon. Watch this space!

The Token – Mastered by Passion

The layer of panic had never cloaked their village so darkly. The patriarchs of both the Habu and Batata clan met with their sons and topmost officials. "The news of the raids have spread wide. The next settlement to be struck seems to be the Wambe village. They have sent for help. We have to … Continue reading The Token – Mastered by Passion

More than a Crush 4 continued

Jimi's gold-knotted tie gave him a rakish air that was hard to ignore. His shirt was a startling white, contrasting handsomely with his chocolate skin. Jimi and Busola looked fabulous together, and it made Zaynab's gut wrench with jealousy. Nnamdi must have felt the same because Zaynab noticed how he was staring at the newly … Continue reading More than a Crush 4 continued

The Token – In Word and Deed

He'd asked her what she wanted, so she told him the truth. "I want what you want," she said, voice husky yet sure. She looked up slowly as the words spilled from her lips like honeyed ribbons. "That is what I desire the most; to do all in my power to serve your every command. … Continue reading The Token – In Word and Deed

Flawed – Teaser

Open the window of your heart and let love shine in... * Abae had fought him all the way. Deprived him of the fatherhood of his child for three years. She was still the woman - the one woman, he'd fallen in love with and only one thing remained: to make them a family. Spending … Continue reading Flawed – Teaser

Valentine Rebound – Best I Never Had

The next morning, Opal's car was delivered, the tyre fixed and looking as good as new by a mechanic she didn't recognize. She felt disappointed that Justin hadn't brought the car down himself - at least just to catch a glimpse of him again. Opal figured he'd meant what he'd said at the close of … Continue reading Valentine Rebound – Best I Never Had

From The Heart-The Man, The Monster

She hated him, but that didn't stop her wanting him... Feyi stared sightlessly into the dark depths of her coffee. Trying to wrap her head around the whirlwind her life had become was a very hard thing to do. Only months ago, her father had died in a plane crash. Then came the daunting prospect … Continue reading From The Heart-The Man, The Monster

Taking Tanya

Tanya had so much going for her. A successful model, she was lucky to have the world at her feet. Beauty, money and fame – she had it all. Only one thing was missing. Someone to share it all with. She wasn’t the romantic type. She wasn’t into fairytale princes or happily ever afters. She … Continue reading Taking Tanya

TBA – Mode of Exchange

Every woman needs a man who can make her feel like sixteen again... Jo couldn't believe she was even considering it. She had to be crazy. But the minute she'd walked out of the lift and seen Jetta standing there, the wildest idea suddenly struck her. She knew she should be kicking herself for even … Continue reading TBA – Mode of Exchange