Two Can Play: Introducing First Interracial BWWM Romance!

Hello everyone!

First off, big up to Malaika! Thanks for buying my books!

Also, thank you Kemi for leaving candid reviews on some of my titles. I hope everyone gets to take a look at the published works soon. Sometimes I pinch myself just to make sure it’s not just a dream…

Remember Saving Sasha, Twisted and No Ordinary Girl? These stories were born right here on Babyrocka! And now they are L I V E on Amazon! To find these and other future titles, visit here!! Continue reading “Two Can Play: Introducing First Interracial BWWM Romance!”

From the Heart – Meet your new Look!


That’s right – “From the Heart” has a spanking new look!

As always, more details as they arise, but this cover makes me so happy! Still working on it so it’s not the last pick but the story known as From the Heart will definitely be released in one of my fave themes: multicultural/interracial BWWM romance!

After ages of being a ghostwriter I finally get to know what it feels like to be a real author. It’s pretty nice! Also, in the past I’ve had to rework my own stories for others to use in a varied number of genres. I’ve seen my characters take on a whole new perspective, and this is no different!

I hope that fans of the story will embrace the new brand of From the Heart, and indulge in the exciting chapters all over again!