Tuesday TryOut Titles!

Starting soon, here are just some of the fab new titles you can look forward to all week, every week – and do remember to leave comments/likes/feedback. Thanks for reading!

From the Heart
Hard to Forgive, Harder to Forget…
Love By Barter
“Give and Take” Just Got a Whole New Meaning…
Stuck Together for the weekend, Anything Could Happen…
Broken Promises
Karma Could Be So Mean…
A Risky Affair
She was Dangerously in Love…
Riches And Wishes
Their red-hot Passion came with a Price…

2013-01-02 13.57.43

2013-01-02 13.54.14

2 thoughts on “Tuesday TryOut Titles!

  1. Hello Marya love your site! Waiting for the first upload of from the heart! Good work girl! Do you have any published works and where can we get ebook copies?

    1. Thank you Kemi! This February I’ll work more on bringing romance back to Babyrocka! As for ebooks, haven’t had the time, but hopefully this year there’ll be something out that people could buy! Till then please enjoy any of the free titles and posts here on the site.


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